Thursday, April 30, 2009

For your own protection

So today i go to best buy to buy a new laptop and some other stuff so i can get my studio back up and running. I knew exactly what i was going to buy before I got there so i made sure that my account had plenty enough money to cover it.

The entire thing comes to about $1100 bucks, so i swipe my card and get transaction declined. Try it again as a credit card instead of debit and get the exact same thing. At this point the clerk asks me if i want to call the bank because maybe there's a limit to the amount i can spend on my card i dont know about, while i sit there holding up the line.

I call the bank, and they confirm that yes, there is a limit on my purchases and that it's $1000 dollars. I ask why and she says "it's for security purposes"

I say "that's understandable, so can you authorize this transaction so i can buy this laptop"

And she says "unfortunately we cant sir, the limit is there to protect you from fraud and theft, for security purposes"

I say "well, that's cool and all, but since you've already verified that this is actually me trying to buy something for myself, shouldn't you be able to just authorize it?"

She says "no sir we can't. the limit was placed to protect you, so we can't change it."


Protect me from what? Buying something that i really want?

Thanks a lot.

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  1. Thats bullshit. Ask for a supervisor. You used to be a programmer, you know there's always an override built in. Get them bitches to override it. What if the CEO called up because he was declined? Yeah, I'm sure they'd have a nice little button and a textbox that says "Sure, let this guy spend XXXX.XX".

    -The Felk

  2. Damn, what bank are you with?

  3. what?? how are you supposed to buy anything ever??