Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why i can't be stopped

I've been telling everybody around me that i can't be stopped this year. At anything. From gettin money, to music, to girls, to finding the best parking space--I'm operating with unparalleled focus and determination right now. But as i was doing some work today, i realized another reason why i cannot be stopped this year. This puppy right here:

that's a cannon mx700.

it prints.

it copies.

it faxes.

it scans.

It cannot be stopped. And since it cannot be stopped, neither can I.

I have to admit I underestimated how useful one of these things were until i picked one up a few weeks ago. But after owning it for 3 weeks, I cant imagine going back to life without it because life without it caused me to make a lotta trips to Kinkos and spend tons of money. I used to dread doing dumb ass paperwork-related activities, but no more. Your boy is kickin ass in many different arenas. Your boy can't be stopped

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  1. how much is cannon paying you for this?

  2. a gazillion dollars. just waitin on them to cut me the check.

  3. when you said "It cannot be stopped. And since it cannot be stopped, neither can I." I immediattely thought you meant that it was malfunctioning or something. Endless faxes being sent. Endless naked chicks being printed. And sent. Cannot be stopped. Roflcaeks.