Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I've moved to http://printmaticmusic.com

please update your bookmarks and subscribe to the new rss feed over there.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NEW WEBSITE: time to migrate

After what seemed like an eternity, I've finally finished the new website and would like to kindly ask all of you to please move over to:


I've tried to transfer the RSS feed as well but that will take a couple days to get straightened out, so many of you may not get notified until it's switched. Otherwise please check out the new site and join the mailing list over there or subscribe via rss. I'm going to start blogging again this week now that the new site is up.

Thanks for the support. See you there!

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm seriously in the matrix right now.

Fools dont even understand. Its one of those weeks. I been in my normal beast-mode with the kicking it and then tonight i'm headed home from the spot, and i see a cop hawk me. they bust a u turn because i didnt signal, then they follow me more because i was dippin out at 230am from the spot.

so i'm on the freeway and i see this bogie gaining on me, and i think to myself, "fuck it, this is it. its about to be my first dui"

now, i was at the spot with my dudes not drinking liquor, drinking pitchers of pbr, so i knew i was drinking and maybe somewhere near or over the limit. so in my mind when i saw this bogie roll up i was like fuck it, bust an exit. i took the first exit i could and then it was immediate swoop, lights on, done deal.

i'm looking for my paperwork and i cant find a current insurance card, so i get noided. meanwhile 3 more cop cars roll up. we're downtown on 4th and fulton about 2 blocks from the jail and police headquarters so i knew it was a wrap for me. cop takes at LEAST 5 minutes then walks up to the whip. asks me where i was at and i told her straight up i had been drinkin since 10pm and had 2 pitchers but that's it. they check my paperwork, etc. and then they hit me with the extra hard whammy and ask me to get out the car and get in their car while they search my shit.

they ask me if anythings in there and i tell them nothing but some hedge clippers and shit like that because i'm a landlord, but no weapons or drugs. they dont find shit, ask me to get out the car, then tell me that they want me to take a field sobriety test. at this point i'm shook as fuck because that means its curtains, even though i got hawked for failure to signal.

meanwhile, while im in the back of the cop car i'm texting my people like "yo, its a wrap for me. your boy just caught his first DUI"

so these two female cops start administering the sobriety test, and i'm like lets go. now, i had been drinking but i wasnt faded, so i had a little bit of confidence that i wouldnt be looking like Bob Huggins when he took his shit and caught a DUI. So shes like watch the pen, and i was watching that shit move with presicision. i couldnt be stopped. then she's like ok, take 9 steps one in front of the other then turn then take nine back. so i started doing my nine steps and was LOOKING HER IN THE FACE like "7....8...9" and she was like "DONT LOOK AT ME DO THE TEST" and i was like "yo, i just wanted you to know that i got this shit". and she didnt apprecaite it and it almost got heated for a second.

so then she hit me with the "hold up your left foot for 30 seconds" joint. and she tried to demonstrate, but she was counting super fast, not really seconds, and i called her out on it, like "yo you just counted 30 seconds in 15 seconds. that aint right. is it 30 seconds, or how fast i can count to 30?" and she got defensive. so i looked at the cop with the stopwatch and was like "START COUNTING. IM READY" and they both were lookin at me kinda strange like wow, is this dude really asking for us to bring on the tests, and i'm like lets do it. so i do my 30 seconds, albeit kinda buzzin, and during the last 10-15 seconds I look this cop in the face and count as if to say "yeah i got this shit". she was like "dont look at me, look at your foot" and i was like "what difference does it make? i'm just lettin you know i got this shit". now i did wobble a little, but even for a sober person, standing with your left foot 6 inches off the ground for 30 seconds isn't easy.

so then they ask me to get in the back of the car again, and these two officers are outside of the window debating. and i'm in there shook as fuck texting people just to let them know it might be a wrap for me.

but as i notice their tone it looked real inconclusive. so they open the door and the officer who i had been giving the most shit was like "look, we know you've been drinking because you admitted to it, but the tests are inconclusive. we cant really arrest you or test you further, but we cant let you drive home like this because we would be liable, so if you can get somebody to come pick you up then you're free to go"

I'm thinkin HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Called up Seance like Bro come and swoop me, i need you. He came and did me a solid. Took me home and helped me park my whip so they didnt impound it, and I'm home right now writing about this shit and NOT in jail for DUI.

So I say that to say this: i cannot be stopped in 2009. Your boy is in the matrix, dodging bullets and whatnot. In no way, shape, or form am I condoning driving drunk or even saying that you can beat a DUI like i did tonight, but i am saying that based on the amazing week i have been having, this shit is par for the course. Basically, THERE IS NO SPOON.

So yeah, good night. Unfortunately i might not be able to visit my moms for mothers day because of all this shit and how long its gonna take me to get my car back tomorrow, but fuck it. Lesson learned, dont drink and drive, it aint worth it.



Thursday, April 30, 2009

For your own protection

So today i go to best buy to buy a new laptop and some other stuff so i can get my studio back up and running. I knew exactly what i was going to buy before I got there so i made sure that my account had plenty enough money to cover it.

The entire thing comes to about $1100 bucks, so i swipe my card and get transaction declined. Try it again as a credit card instead of debit and get the exact same thing. At this point the clerk asks me if i want to call the bank because maybe there's a limit to the amount i can spend on my card i dont know about, while i sit there holding up the line.

I call the bank, and they confirm that yes, there is a limit on my purchases and that it's $1000 dollars. I ask why and she says "it's for security purposes"

I say "that's understandable, so can you authorize this transaction so i can buy this laptop"

And she says "unfortunately we cant sir, the limit is there to protect you from fraud and theft, for security purposes"

I say "well, that's cool and all, but since you've already verified that this is actually me trying to buy something for myself, shouldn't you be able to just authorize it?"

She says "no sir we can't. the limit was placed to protect you, so we can't change it."


Protect me from what? Buying something that i really want?

Thanks a lot.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why i can't be stopped

I've been telling everybody around me that i can't be stopped this year. At anything. From gettin money, to music, to girls, to finding the best parking space--I'm operating with unparalleled focus and determination right now. But as i was doing some work today, i realized another reason why i cannot be stopped this year. This puppy right here:

that's a cannon mx700.

it prints.

it copies.

it faxes.

it scans.

It cannot be stopped. And since it cannot be stopped, neither can I.

I have to admit I underestimated how useful one of these things were until i picked one up a few weeks ago. But after owning it for 3 weeks, I cant imagine going back to life without it because life without it caused me to make a lotta trips to Kinkos and spend tons of money. I used to dread doing dumb ass paperwork-related activities, but no more. Your boy is kickin ass in many different arenas. Your boy can't be stopped

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

more auto-tune funniness

ok. I've been gone for a minute trying to get the new site launched, but since it's taking longer than expected I figured i would get back on my mission. This shit is funny:

Monday, April 13, 2009

So as i sit here in the house on a Wednesday night, trying to not go get drunk, the wildest thought pops into my head that has never occurred to me before: people who don’t drink and don’t go out must have an insane amount of free time on their hands. Because i most certainly feel that way right about now. I feel like the guy who just upgraded his phone plan and now has twice the minutes he use to have and is still paying the same thing, then realized that he doesn’t have anybody to use those minutes on.

So what is it that all you people who don’t drink do with all that extra time you must have on your hands?

Seriously, somebody tell me.

Do yall posse up and play cards? Watch movies? Ping-pong? Couples bowling? Fill me in.

Because as i sit here bored as fuck, I really feel like I’ve ran out of options–not that there were many to begin with. While it’s true that I’ve got just as many problems as the next man i wanna forget about (and drinking does make that happen), the fact of the matter is that if i go drink tonight it would be primarily because i don’t have shit else to do.

Hell, not wanting alcohol is easy, but finding something constructive to do during the times when I would typically be out drinking is hard work, feel me?

I gotta step my hobbies up.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

have no fear

I'm still blogging, but I haven't posted much lately because I'm in the process of moving this site. The new site is almost done and should be launched sometime this week, and I'll get back to business as usual.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Results

I was gonna write about how my attempt at not drinking last week went, along with details about how each day went, but as i was writing it seemed to be pretty boring, so i deleted it. Instead I'm going to simplify it like this:

Everybody has things they do that they wish they didnt do so much; whether that be shopping too much, smoking weed, drinking, cigarettes, driving fast, sex, whatever. We all have struggles and none of us are perfect. But I truly believe that only when we take these things out of our lives for an extended amount of time can we actually see and admit what it was that caused us to become so dependent on them in the first place.

That's what I gained last week.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

They dont make em like this anymore (classic older joints)

Sophia Lauren

Requel Welch

Lena Horn

Pam Grier

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Pictures from the Final So What Wednesday (By Ed Luna)

As many of you know last Wednesday was the final night of our weekly event So What Wednesday. Here are some pictures taken by Columbus resident and excellent photographer Ed Luna. He posted these on his facebook page and since they're really good I figured I would repost them here. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Montly Event: Check The Rhyme

For all my people in columbus that fuck with classic hip-hop, and don't have plans this saturday night, please come check out the new monthly event that I'm starting up:

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

7 days without alcohol

I was at the bar Saturday and told a friend i was gonna take a week off drinking and his response was "that's it? a week aint shit, anybod can do that". I replied with "cool, then you should do it with me". He thought about it for a second then went silent. Then he asked me to do a shot with him. I said no thanks. I was already near the end of the pitcher i ordered.

So I decided that I needed to take a week off the bottle. After being out 4-5 nights a week for the past 6 weeks promoting events I've began to feel like I'm in a weird downward spiral, that begins with every day starting later and later, and never ends before 5 or 6 in the morning. I've also noticed that things around me involving other people seem to be equally depressing, and that all these things can be traced back to alcohol. I feel bad enough physically, but people around me seem to be having an even worse time. So i think it's time for clarity, to step away from drinking for a while.

I hate that everything around me that's fucked up--from the way people treat people they know, to public conflicts between strangers--seem to almost always involve alcohol. I hate this fact. I hate that I'm even around when all this petty shit is going on.

On the other hand I am somewhat conflicted because i truly believe that I have had some amazing conversations over a pitcher of beer, and the prospect of not having that to stimulate my mind makes me uneasy, but still.

So while i do realize this blog is pretty fucking depressing I also hope that you all can see its necessity. This is why i asked how many nights a week some of yall drink a couple weeks ago. It as already on my mind.

Keep drinking your drinks and partying, but i gotta take some time off. But i know it's going to be hard. So I'm gonna blog about it.

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