Friday, March 6, 2009

Pictures from my "Keep Bouncing" Video Shoot

I shot a music video for a song off my upcoming album called "keep bouncing" a couple months ago. Since the song is pretty much about the dumb shit that goes through your mind when you're drunk and bouncing around from bar to bar, I figured it was only right that I shot it at some local Columbus bars. We shot it in one night at three seperate bars: Skullys, Cafe Bourbon Street, and Carabar. Although about 90% of it was shot at Carabar. My homie Bridget had her camera and took some pictures. As you may or may not know, shooting music videos involves a great deal of standing around waiting for your part to come up, so it should come as no surprise that these pictures are of us doing just that--standing around and waiting.

I figure I would post this because the videographer just told me that he's really close to being done and should have a draft to me soon. I'm excited.

All photos by Bridget Brown

My dude Zero Star...

Me and Envelope:

Justin, the director:

Cara behind the bar:

Wes and Envelope:

Detox, somebody whose face is covered up by Detox's hand, me, and Ron:

Video for "Keep Bouncing" and my new album "Adventures in Counter-Culture" coming soon.

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  1. yo Print, is the director Justin in a rock band by any chance?...he looks like a cat in this rock band called The Heartless Bastards...also have you ever met Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys...just wondering bruh. album from Print...always good to hear.