Tuesday, March 31, 2009

7 days without alcohol

I was at the bar Saturday and told a friend i was gonna take a week off drinking and his response was "that's it? a week aint shit, anybod can do that". I replied with "cool, then you should do it with me". He thought about it for a second then went silent. Then he asked me to do a shot with him. I said no thanks. I was already near the end of the pitcher i ordered.

So I decided that I needed to take a week off the bottle. After being out 4-5 nights a week for the past 6 weeks promoting events I've began to feel like I'm in a weird downward spiral, that begins with every day starting later and later, and never ends before 5 or 6 in the morning. I've also noticed that things around me involving other people seem to be equally depressing, and that all these things can be traced back to alcohol. I feel bad enough physically, but people around me seem to be having an even worse time. So i think it's time for clarity, to step away from drinking for a while.

I hate that everything around me that's fucked up--from the way people treat people they know, to public conflicts between strangers--seem to almost always involve alcohol. I hate this fact. I hate that I'm even around when all this petty shit is going on.

On the other hand I am somewhat conflicted because i truly believe that I have had some amazing conversations over a pitcher of beer, and the prospect of not having that to stimulate my mind makes me uneasy, but still.

So while i do realize this blog is pretty fucking depressing I also hope that you all can see its necessity. This is why i asked how many nights a week some of yall drink a couple weeks ago. It as already on my mind.

Keep drinking your drinks and partying, but i gotta take some time off. But i know it's going to be hard. So I'm gonna blog about it.

Word is blog.


  1. I take these breaks from drinking every now and then too, but the problem I run into is that I don't sleep very well when I don't drink, so I end up staying up until 5 or 6 anyway.

  2. Seriously, just smoke weed. Nobody brawls, nobody gets worked up.

  3. i've most definitely felt the need to take a break from drinking in the past. like anything else, there needs to be a balance. hopefully you'll find it. good luck!

  4. I am SO with you on this. I mean, look, the alcohol doesn't *make* people do bad things, but it sure does make it easier to do stupid things. And consecutive days of partying can wear a person down. It's hard b/c when times are stressful, nothing looks more inviting than a big, cold beer. But after a few, you find that the relief the beer offers is completely temporary. I guess it's harmless sometimes (I still drink, for the record), but I am on the same page -- needing a few days at least without any alcohol just to get back in my head and feel right again.

  5. xxxSHAMxxx

    sike nah

    take a break al what can it hurt?