Monday, March 23, 2009

My agenda

What this blog IS about:

Making fun of everybody
Bizarre shit that happens around me
Music (but not that much)

What this blog is NOT about:

Uplifting messages
Support of any political agenda
Positivity or positive reinforcement of any kind
Telling stories about boring shit that happens on tour
Being a role-model.
Explaining what motivated me to do a song, beat, or any of that shit.
Enlightenment or betterment

Just wanted to clear that up before anybody out there got the wrong idea.

Now, Check this shit out and tell me it aint funny as fuck:

While I'm generally not about violence. The entire concept of a dude trying to put hands on his woman and her kicking his ass seven ways til sunday is amazing. That alone makes this shit ROFLworthy.

Word is blog.

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