Monday, April 13, 2009

So as i sit here in the house on a Wednesday night, trying to not go get drunk, the wildest thought pops into my head that has never occurred to me before: people who don’t drink and don’t go out must have an insane amount of free time on their hands. Because i most certainly feel that way right about now. I feel like the guy who just upgraded his phone plan and now has twice the minutes he use to have and is still paying the same thing, then realized that he doesn’t have anybody to use those minutes on.

So what is it that all you people who don’t drink do with all that extra time you must have on your hands?

Seriously, somebody tell me.

Do yall posse up and play cards? Watch movies? Ping-pong? Couples bowling? Fill me in.

Because as i sit here bored as fuck, I really feel like I’ve ran out of options–not that there were many to begin with. While it’s true that I’ve got just as many problems as the next man i wanna forget about (and drinking does make that happen), the fact of the matter is that if i go drink tonight it would be primarily because i don’t have shit else to do.

Hell, not wanting alcohol is easy, but finding something constructive to do during the times when I would typically be out drinking is hard work, feel me?

I gotta step my hobbies up.

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  1. I hear you. I'm really bad with free time, especially weekends.

    If I'm alone, I'll just chill at home and read or watch a movie.

    If I can get friends together, we have dinner parties or go out to play pool or darts... of course these usually involve drinking...

    Sinatra said it best "I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day."

  2. I drink too, but sometimes when I'm putting myself through a dry spell I tend to do the following to kill the time ...

    1. Make Music (via MPC, Guitar, etc)
    2. Art - Paintings (however this usually leads to drinking too... sometimes)
    3. Workout
    4. Start to learn a new instrument
    5. Start to learn a new language
    6. XBox
    7. Use the money I would normally spend on booze to hit the record shop and go digging for some classics.

    - Felk

  3. On my sober day I draw, write, and make music...But i'm sure that thought crossed your mind.

  4. Play video games, shop, talk to people online ... I mean, I also drink, but when I'm not drinking... Sometimes I get a wild hair and start rearranging furniture, or I take apart a table I don't like, sand it down, repaint it and put it back together. Weird shit, I guess. Work out a lot, too.

  5. I beat my enemies with a large hammer

  6. read lots of blogs, collect photos, re-organize my hard drive, hang out at the library, draw pictures, journal.

    Although honestly, I'm in school now so most of my free time is devoted to homework or the theater.

  7. "So what is it that all you people who don’t drink do with all that extra time you must have on your hands?"


    You know your boy hasn't had a drink in his life, right? So it's beats and instrumentals and raps and music and video games all day.

    plus rofl with sham online.